See what isn't there, yet.
Fluxee is a virtual reality tool for real estate.
How it works
  1. Snap
    Capture your listing with any 360 enabled camera or We send one of our trained specialists.
  2. Upload
    Upload it to Fluxee.
  3. Share
    Share your link with anyone anywhere.
  4. Magic
    Fluxee takes care of this part.
  1. 1250
    Virtual Tours
  2. 30
  3. 1200
    Inventory Sold
  4. 30
    Average Days in Market


  1. DIY VR Kit
    We provide you with the tools to create your virtual experiences.
  2. Mobile Web Optimized
    Access everything from anywhere from any device connected to the internet (data), no app download needed.
  3. Cloud Storage
    Virtual scenes are saved readily accessible on the cloud.
  4. Fast Processing Time
    Scenes are processed and ready to go within minutes.
  5. Full 360
    No headset? No problem! See full 360 tours on any mobile device.
  6. Headset Compatible
    Virtual scenes are Google Cardboard & Oculus Rift compatible.
  1. Continually pleased with the end product, even in the Beta state. Your Virtual Reality tours help my sellers get more 'eyes' in their property, which helps us reach more prospective buyers in less market time."

    Beta Tester, Chicago

Lets Get Started
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