Where current solutions fall short

High up-front cost
Required dedicated rooms
Restricted 2D interaction
Fluxee's telepresence solution combines the latest Voice-Over-IP, spatial audio, and Virtual Reality technology to allow users to connect, collaborate and visualize projects in a virtual world. To do this, Fluxee's technology adds a layer of low latency networking technology on top of preexisting hardware that allows many users to port into a virtual space. Due to increasing globalization, the current macroeconomic climate creates a significant opportunity to define a new segment in the telepresence industry, Virtual Reality Telepresence or what Fluxee has coined as “True Telepresence.” Fluxee allows companies across different sectors complete projects faster, save on travel expenses, and reduce mistakes due to design translation or miscoordination.

Fluxee enables

Full scale immersion
Network connectivity

True telepresence

A new reality in telepresence

True Telepresence